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Don’t take it from me that getting a boost is one good idea. Take it from the GOPs new political hero.

The Wall Street Journal asked around doctors to get an idea of of the boosters work. Do you see many patients? with COVID who’ve had three doses, the paper asked? A few here and there, they replied, as we’d expect based on on the data shows 90+ percent protection against infection, not 100. But they are rare and mild, usually requiring hospital care only if the patient is elderly.

That sounds known. That’s the same attitude in the country faced in the first few months of the rollout of the vaccine this year, when Alpha was the dominant variant and there seemed to be none match for two doses of Pfizer of modern. Then the immunity started to wane. Then Delta arrived, which brought months of misery. The booster seems to be recovering people in a similar degree of immunity of Delta die they enjoyed against alpha. In front of how long is anyone’s guess.

At least there is no scary new variant out suddenly the pandemic threatens to turn around again when vaccines had people feel comfortable.

Boosters are rolling now out more widely distributed over the country. So far, doctors say they see few cases of infections in people who have been boosted. Geisinger, a in Pennsylvania based healthcare provider with more than 1.5 million patients, for example, says that since September 1, 62 out of more over 24,000 positive Covid-19 tests—a rate of about 0.2%—were in people who got a booster…

Facts out of Israel has shown that people who get a booster and come down with a breakthrough infection have a much lower risk of in be hospitalized of dying.

Dennis Cunningham, system medical director of infection control and prevention at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, says the health system has seen a few hospitalized patients who received a booster dose. He says the patients are usually older, over being 75 years old, of they have immune disorders, like cancer…

“Goods just “not seeing breakthrough cases” in people who have boosters, says dr. [David] wohl. “If There Was” real vulnerability I think we would see more cases.”

a doctor in New York knew it of three amplified people who had become infected, one of die was immunocompromised, and no one got seriously ill. Another doctor had heard of precisely one person who had received three doses and then tested positive for covid. She was 86 and asymptomatic, and was tested after she in hospitalized for another reason. In particular, there are already at least two cases of Omicron infection enhanced people in the small example of known cases worldwide. Or were those coincidences? of that they are proof that the variant really does evade immunity better than Delta is unknown straight away. But neither of die two people hospital care needed for their symptoms as well.

AN new study from Israel tried to measure the benefits of get a boost:

In this study, we have found that a third dose of the mRNA vaccine BNT162b2 [Pfizer] extra provided protection against SARS-CoV-2 infection detected. Across the test-negative and matched case-control analyses, we estimate a reduction of 83% to 87% in the chances of positive test for SARS-CoV-2 after at least 2 weeks after receipt of the booster compared with received 2 doses. these songs should be interpreted as the reduction in the chances of infection in a person die the booster dose gets compared with a person die receive only the 2 primary doses. This reduction comes on top of reduction in the risk granted by the first 2 doses.

How will that last? up against Omicron instead of Delta? Scientists are at work on find out, but in meanwhile these tweets went viral in certain parts of Twitter this afternoon. Are the boosters already begin to lose their effectiveness?

I have problems met reading the graphs in the second tweet. I think it should show Which protection against infection decreases at a similar rate after three doses as it did after two, what scientists feared might happen. Ideally, the booster would give a huge wave of antibodies die keep sticking for for a while longer than the antibodies did after the second dose; antibodies always decline over time but the rate on which she decline shall effect have on how soon one becomes vulnerable to disease again. (Even after the antibodies have decreased, the immune system system still benefit from vaccination in form of memory B cells die “remember” the spike protein and can mobilize more advanced antibody response if infection occurs.) second tweet makes it seem like protection from two doses falls to week 30, after which it… climbs again? How so?

Some experts pull die data in doubt, to start met with the fact that if had the immunity of boosters already started to fade in Israel we should expect cases rising again. they are not:

We don’t see many infections in people  who’ve had boosters – HotAir

Measuring “relatively” risk” at a time when there are few cases in the population is also slippery:

Israel’s top public health expert was asked 10 days ago of there is evidence of immunity from the boosters begins to wane and she said no. Maybe it will happen in the next month of two; Israel’s booster program is only three months old. But for when the shots hold up. Next comes the big test, Omron.

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