We face intense fighting in Bakhmut and Kiev, hindering supply delivery to our troops in the city

The Russian military operation in Ukraine, Sunday, come in in a new day of fighting, as the Russian military continues to try to extend control of the territory in Ukraine, while Kiev’s forces are resisting with military support from the West.

The city of Bakhmut remains at the center of fierce fighting. Russia has made controlling Bakhmut a priority in its strategy to control the Donbass industrial region in eastern Ukraine. The city has been badly damaged by fighting that has been going on for months, as Russia launches frequent attacks.

In the latest developments, and for the first time since the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the Kremlin announced on Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Russian-force-controlled city of Mariupol in Donbass and met with senior leaders of its military operation in Ukraine, including the Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov in charge of the Moscow war in Ukraine.

In the field, the Ukrainian military claimed that Ukrainian forces outside the eastern city of Bakhmut still stood in able to stop the advance of Russian units, allowing the delivery of ammunition, food, equipment and medicines to the forces defending the city.

In its latest statement of heavy Russian losses, Kiev said its forces killed 193 Russians and wounded 199 during Friday’s fighting.

“We are in capable of delivering necessary ammunition, food, equipment and medicines to Bakhmut. We can also remove our wounded from the city,” Russian army spokesman Serhiy Cherivati ​​told ICTV.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Sunday that more than 1,100 Russian soldiers had been killed in less than a week into the fighting in and around Bakhmut.

The Ukrainian president has warned countries that aid Russia against his country that they are doomed to “isolation” in the world.

Zelensky did not specify, in a recorded speech broadcast on his Twitter account, the names of those countries, but he said among them is a country that supplies Russia with “Shahid” drones, which are manufactured by Iran.

The Ukrainian president added that there is new military aid including ammunition, tanks and guns arriving in his country from Canada, Germany, France, Denmark and Estonia.

Two civilians were killed and ten injured by Russian attacks with “cluster munitions” on Saturday afternoon in Kramatorsk in eastern Ukraine, Pavlov Kirilenko, governor of the Dsk region, said.

He said via “Telegram” that the strikes affected a park, a funeral center, dozens of residential buildings and two auto.

“More than 100 countries ban the use of cluster munitions, but Russia continues to use these weapons, which release many small bombs and target civilians indiscriminately,” Kirilenko said.

Hours earlier, the mayor of Dsk, Alexander Goncharenko, had said on his Facebook page: “Russia continues to sow terror,” referring to the death of two people following the cluster munition bombing of Kramatorsk. He pointed out that about 12 residential buildings and 14 municipal structures were damaged.