We have learned how sports professionals play big games under great stress

This is what makes MOBAs so special: they are really complicated. It takes a long time to get started, and once you’re in, you’re in. You are no longer a normal person. You are a MOBA person. When I tell a normal person that I logged 400 hours in Dota 2, they gasp. When I tell the same thing to a MOBA person, they giggle in derision.

And they should do it. When I watch a high-level game in Dota 2 or League of Legends, I only see a wall of dancing colors and twinkling lights, like when you put your palms really hard in your eyeballs.

This is fineImage: Riot Games

League is a game of dizzying depth and there is a whole world of people who have dedicated their lives to navigating these depths. Pro League players play one of the most complex games ever created. They process information and make decisions at an alarming rate, and they do it under immense pressure.

We wanted to learn how to do it, so we spoke to experts from the world of the league and visited one of the most terrifying comebacks in the history of the game.

Watch the video above to see how much work it takes to stand out in the league and to learn how a team held together when others couldn’t.

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