“We live in constant fear, “they tell Syrian refugees in Turkey

Syrian refugees in Turkey face many problems, including those related to residence permits, job search and the occasional racist treatment.

But die General closure and anti-corona restrictions re-imposed some time ago die Things got worse, urging dozens to return to Syria despite the difficulties and security risks.

Some refugees told Al-Arabiya.net / Al-Hadath.net from their experiences. Yasser Al-Ali, who comes from northern Hamas and a few days ago after four years in Turkey was forced to return to northern Syria said: “We could die long breaks in work and die repeated prohibitions did not endure and eventually came die general closure to end our stay here, also I decided to go back, I’ll look for work and start over. “

He added, “Since I have in arrived in Turkey, I have in Restaurants in Istanbul worked. The situation was initially acceptable, but since Corona and die Prohibition decisions gradually began to worsen our conditions. I used to send every month what was left of my salary to my family. But since the pandemic it has die Situation worsened. I haven’t sent them anything in several months. “

“Drop the Syrians”

He also said: “At the beginning we stayed for three months in Follow and stopped working completely. This situation lasted in Istanbul until June last year. Of course we paid in this time die Rent to the owner of the house without. Things improved a little, however in we struggled to pay for the following months. “With the second ban, however, things got worse when the owner of the restaurant, in I had previously worked in Esenyurt district decided to forego Syrian workers and keep Turkish workers. You are protected by law, but we have worked infrequently and we don’t have insurance, so it’s easy to donate through us. “

He pointed out that “after the second ban ended, I tried to look for a new job, but unfortunately the third ban came and it was the hardest for us. I am in a lot of debts, also that’s what I decided. “The quickest solution is to quickly return to Syria with my father and brothers, in hope that i will work and die can pay debts accumulated on me. “

Constant fear

In turn, Fouad Diab, a worker, confirmed in Clothing workshops and living in the Bayram Pasha district in Istanbul in a youth residence, across from Al-Arabiya.netthat Syrian workers have really suffered from permanent fear since the beginning of Corona, especially when there is a lot of news of an impending closure or tightening of procedures. Because this situation affects us negatively. “

He said, “We’re trying to look at each other die adapt to new situations, however die Things are not that simple. I always worry that my work will be stopped. The construction sector and die Disguise workshops may not be very affected, except in Cases of general closure, but we Since refugees are always the weakest link, foreign workshops or refugees must come first when die Workshops want to cut their expenses. “

Hisham, the in Company works, die Real estate to foreigners in Selling Istanbul, told Al-Arabiya.net / Al-Hadath.netthat “die Home sales have declined dramatically “adding,” We are mainly paid a limited salary and are mainly dependent on die Percentages, die we calculate from the sale. Our conditions are also very concerned. “

700 people

Official in charge of media relations at the Bab al-Hawa crossing, Mazen Alloush said: “The administration of the Bab al-Hawa crossing was recorded within 72 hours from the morning of April 27 to the evening of April 29 die Return of 700 people from Turkey in the Syrian interior, die most of them young men, die had chosen a “voluntary return”. After this die Temporary protection card “as king” had been handed over in the building of the immigration office in the Narlja district within the Turkish border, Hatay state. “

He also pointed out that “die 700 people, die returned to Idlib, including 60 women and about 40 children, and the rest are young men who are the ones whose job it is in the Turkish states “and that”die Return and deportation do not “continue all year round, but the pace of return increased between April 27-29.” “He confirmed that die The crossing was closed on the evening of April 29 in light of travelers in connection with the start of the curfew imposed by the Turkish government in the country.

There are no official figures from the other crossings Between Syria and TurkeyAnd particularly die Passages over Bab al-Salama and Yarablus die Number of Syrians, die return due to difficult economic conditions, however die Numbers, die announced by the Bab al-Hawa transition, point to die one way or another the suffering of many refugees in Turkey, especially those die earning low wages or working every day (also die Day laborers). Syrians call it).

It is noteworthy that in Turkey is home to about 4 million Syrian refugees die most have temporary protection cards, as “king” in Turkish. The largest percentage of refugees is concentrated in die southern cities near the Syrian border such as Gaziantep, Hatay, Shanli Urfa, Kilis and Adana as well as large cities such as Istanbul and Ankara.

The Turkish government announced a general lockdown of the country with a severe corona outbreak from April 29 to May 17. Reached in early April die Number of cases 65,000.

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