we military says strikes on women & children were ‘self-legitimate’

To US military spokesman defended a series of strikes on civilians in Syria, which killed 80 people Included women And children, stating that they were in himself-defense and that no disciplinary measures were necessary.

The United States military found same in the center of controversy this week after the New York Times reported it covered up up a strike in 2019 on Syrian civilians who left at least 80 dead. After the report went viral, US officials finally recognized the victims in a statement and stated that 16 of the victims were presumably Islamic State fighters and 4 were civilians.

we military covered up it is war crime' in Syria - NYT

TO KNOW MORE: we military covered up it is war crime’ in Syria – NYT

Asked about the other 60 victims, which they apparently included women And children, the central command of the United States told the New York Times that “it was not clear” if they were civilians “in part why women And children in the Islamic State sometimes took up arm.”

On Sunday, a spokesman for the US central command defended the attacks in a declaration to the BBC, claiming they were in himself-defense Captain Bill Urban the military he could not “characterize in definitive way the status of more of another 60 victims “, because “Multi armed women and at least one armed child were observed in video.”

“The exact blend of armed and unarmed personnel cannot be determined in conclusive way “, Urban argued, assuming however that it was “likely” by majority of randomness “they were also fighters at the time of strike.”

And also it is highly probable that there have been other civilians killed by these two attacks

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Despite acknowledging that the attacks killed civilians, including women And children, Urban said their investigation ended the strikes “They were legitimate self-defense strikes” and that “No disciplinary action was justified”.

According to the New York Times report, even the US military the agents were shocked and disturbed from the strikes, which they observed live from a drone camera feed, and some wondered if the incident could be considered a war crime. The entire incident, however, was reported soon covered up and reports of the victims were classified.

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