We reveal a Descent of Dragons Hearthstone card

Descent of Dragons will end a year-long history at Hearthstone and add a variety of new maps to the competition format. The Descent of Dragons BlizzCon trailer showed us that we are heading for Northrend, the home of the Wyrmrest Temple, where dragons gather under their shrines. We reveal the Wyrmrest Purifier, a guardian of the temple with a very interesting battle cry.

In Hearthstone, players can create their stacks from a card library. Each class has its own spell pool and then a neutral deck of cards that anyone can equip. Neutral cards are usually all-rounders, while class cards are specialized on their heroes. For example, magicians get many spells and secrets to play while warriors deal with weapons and armored pieces.

The Wyrmrest Purifier is neutral, which means any class can play it. As soon as they do, their deck turns.

The Wyrmrest Purifier looks like a card that allows a class to double its strengths. Filling a decks of cards with inexpensive neutral cards can end up paying off as the Purifier turns any neutral card into a random card class. The Purifier is also a clever way to bypass the limits of deck construction. If you need more class cards than a deck allows, the Wyrmrest Purifier is a workaround that should enable fun combinations.

Descent of Dragons will be released on December 10th.

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