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“We will not give up.” Afghan women demonstrate in Kabul in defense of their rights

Today, Thursday, some 15 Afghan women demonstrated briefly in the capital, Kabul, to defend their “rights to the end” on the eve of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Protesters set off in front of a mosque in central Kabul as Taliban intelligence agents patrolled in auto and others walked armed in front of the small group of women.

While the demonstrators, of different ages, raised their hands and chanted the slogan “Women, life, solidarity”, according to the agency “Agence France Presse”.


A banner held by one of the participants read: “We will fight for our rights to the end and we will not give up”, while another banner read: “America and the West have betrayed the Afghan women”.

On a third she wrote, “The appalling plight of Afghan women is a blot on the conscience of the world.”

In parallel, one participant, who declined to be identified, said after the end of the movement that “the Taliban were very violent” and arrested three female protesters and “insulted” them before releasing them.

“Afghan women are going through the darkest period of their lives. Today they no longer have any rights and are subjected to violence. Under Taliban rule, Afghan women are not considered human beings,” she added.

Risky manifestations

Interestingly, since the Taliban regained power in Afghanistan in August 2021, in Following the departure of US forces after 20 years of war, women’s demonstrations, rarely attended by more than forty women, have become fraught with danger.

Many female protesters were arrested and journalists were increasingly prevented from covering these demonstrations.

The Taliban have also imposed ever stricter rules, in particularly severe restrictions on the rights and freedoms of women. Girls’ secondary schools were closed.

And in November, she announced that women were no longer allowed to visit Kabul’s parks and gardens, as well as gymnasiums.

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