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Wearing a mask will unlock your iPhone, the company has rolled out the beta version of iOS 14.5

iOS 14.5 Beta Update: US tech company Apple has introduced beta version of its latest iOS 14.5. There is such a configuration in this version that even if the user is wearing a mask, the phone can be unlocked. If seen, users are facing a lot of difficulties in unlocking the phone with a mask in today’s environment. They have to remove the mask whenever the phone has to be unlocked. However, Apple Watch will require Apple Watch for this feature.
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These changes in iOS 14.5: The update changelog states that if the user is wearing a mask with Apple Watch, they will be able to unlock the iPhone. This simply means that if the user is wearing a face mask and he / she is wearing Apple Watch in their hand, then the phone can be unlocked through the Face ID feature.

For this, iPhone users will have to update their Apple Watch to watchOS 7.4. Apple has talked about this saying that the iPhone uses your Apple Watch with a mask to unlock the phone. For this, your Apple Watch should be in your hands. Also it should be unlocked and password protected. A blogger has posted a video while doing so on Twitter. Watch this video:

iOS 14.5 developer starts rolling out beta 1 update Has been given. Its size is 4.5 GB. However, its update will depend on the size phone model. Many improvements and bugs have been fixed in the new beta version. In addition, the company has also indicated that the beta version of iOS will be made available only on phones that fall under iOS 14.5 beta software development.
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iOS 14.5 beta 1 update for developersWill be made available Also this update will be given to users who have signed up for the developer beta. In addition to the Face ID upgrade, support for Xbox Series S / X and PlayStation 5 for iPhones will also be provided in this update. It will also provide compatibility for the company’s Fitness + workouts. Apart from this, dual-sim 5G support has also been made available in iOS 14.5 beta update. This is the company’s first beta update to implement App Tracking Transparency. App developers will need consent to collect user’s data.


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