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Ark Survival Ascended Update 1.043.005: Fixes

By William

May 19, 2024

Ark Survival Ascended

A new update for Ark Survival Ascended, known as Update 1.043.005, has recently been released. This update is accessible across all gaming platforms, as well as on PC.

Gameplay and Stability Fixes

– Teleportation Glitch Fixed: A significant bug where teleported dinos would fall through the ground when the destination was in stasis has been corrected. This fix enhances the overall reliability of teleportation and ensures the safety and security of teleported creatures.

Gameplay and Stability Fixes

– Platform Saddle Rubber Banding Fixed: An issue causing rubber banding of dinos on platform saddles has been addressed. This fix provides smoother and more stable movement for both the dinos and the structures built on these saddles, enhancing overall gameplay fluidity.

Gameplay and Stability Fixes

– Smoke Effects Improved: The visual quality of smoke effects, particularly when structures are destroyed, has been improved. Players will notice a more realistic and visually appealing representation of smoke, adding to the immersive experience.

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