Avatar: What Do Jake's 5 Children Symbolize?

By Mitchell

january 23, 2022

Jake's 5 Children

Five children learn amazing things and find talents they didn't know they had. But each represents a different part of Jake 


Jake's first child, Neteyam, represents the soldier inside of him. Neteyam is a great example of how to stand up to oppression. As a good leader should, he always steps in to defend his siblings and fight their battles for them.


Like Jake, Lo'ak has much freedom, but he often doesn't realize how dangerous that can be. He gets the Tsaheylu to become friends with Pakayan, the outcast.


Spider constantly reminds Jake that he can't change where he came from. Spider, like Jake, tries to do the right thing but often fails. This is shown when he stops Quatrich's avatar from drawing in the sunken ship.


Kiri symbolizes how the Navi are connected to Eywa and how everyone must have faith in something bigger than themselves to be a part of Pandora's beautiful biosphere.


Tuk is the youngest of the five main characters from The Way of Water. She is too young to understand war and violence like her older siblings Neytiri and Jake.


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