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Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson stardom make 'Marry Me' a must watch Movie

By Editorial Team

February 11, 2022

'Marry Me' Jennifer Lopez

Kat Coiro, director of Lopez's latest romantic-comedy movie, "Marry Me" described her as the "perfect" candidate for the lead.

Marry Me Plot

She's going to marry Bastian, live in front of 20 million people while performing their hit single "Marry Me" but just before going on stage, draped in jewelry, she watches a video of him intended cheating on her.

Marry Me Plot

Still, she already has the dress and location, so she looks into the audience, watches Owen Wilson's Charlie, and chooses him to get married.

Marry Me Plot

She doesn't know when she chooses him, luckily for Kat, Charlie is just a lovely single dad to a cute 13-year-old girl with a cool Brooklyn loft, a dog, and a job as a high school math teacher.

Marry Me Plot

His divorce is friendly, he has no dark side, and his flaws are unexplored. Wilson is charming and does enough with very little.

Marry Me

"Marry Me" was directed by Kat Coiro, and written by Harper Dill and John Rogers.

Where can I watch Marry Me?

To watch "Marry Me" you must be subscribed to Peacock or you should simply go to theaters on February 11, 2022, to watch it.

Where was Marry Me filmed?

The main shooting took place in New York City in October and November 2019. A soundtrack album of the same name by Lopez and Maluma was also produced.

Is Marry Me on Netflix?

No, "Marry Me" is not on Netflix and will likely not be on Netflix any time soon, given that the film will be streaming on Peacock TV.

When will 'Marry Me' be released?

Marry Me debuts in theaters and on Peacock on February 11, 2022


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