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Marvel’s Avengers Update 2.3.1 – Patch Notes on April 12, 2022

By William

April 13, 2022

Marvel’s Avengers

A new update has been released for Marvel’s Avengers Update 2.3.1 with Patch Notes are now available for download, for all platforms, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC.


– Resolved an issue causing players to be stuck on a black screen after accepting a multiplayer invite from the main menu. – Fixed an issue that prevented objectives from populating in “This Hostile Earth” Threat Sector.


– Fixed an issue in “City Under Siege” mission that granted players different rewards than what is depicted in the mission details. – Fixed an issue causing an out-of-world view in the QuinJet while loading into Avengers Initiative.

Art & Animation

– Hawkeye’s sword no longer sticks up from his feet in the character selection menu. – Fixed a camera issue causing the camera to lock in the Wasteland Vault elevator.

Gear, Challenges

– Fixed any issue with some of Ms. Marvel’s Signature attack perks not applying any status effects. – Fixed an issue that caused Kate’s Quantum Effector Perk to not trigger with some Cryo and Vibranium perks.

Gear, Challenges

– Corrected the Elite Vault mission chain to exclusively reward Technical Power Set gear. – Thor’s Rampant Lethal Extension Perk should now work with all Warrior’s Fury skills.


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