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Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 9 – Patch Notes on April 14, 2022

By William

April 16, 2022

Flight Simulator World

A new update has been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 9 with Patch Notes are now available for download, for all platforms, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC.


1. Fixed popcorn clouds are present over a clear sky in Live Weather 2. Reduction of clouds banding that appear at close range 3. Properly save and load cloud density from WPR files


1. It’s now possible to delete flight files from the cloud storage 2. Fixed extra flight saved after landing at an airport after ‘continue’ 3. Fixed “Look Ma, no hands!” achievement

Cirrus SR22

1. Navigation lights has been added on the wings 2. Flickering on the screens of instruments when camera is far from the plane has been fixed 3. Added a CoPilot view


1. New vegetation debug tool for trees & vegetation with drawing distances 2. Added new Asobo office in Bordeaux, France


1. Various minor UI fixes 2. Ingame Panels will no longer be distorded when changing screen ratio 3. Wishlist items are now sorted based on the date they were added in the marketplace

Project editor

1. Fixed empty package name when failing to clean a project while it’s being used 2. Simulation now stays on pause after loading a project 3. Fixed cpu hang when building aircraft package


1. Create Wasm Debug Window which displays information about wasm module, gauges 2. Custom Key Events are now well received by event_handler function


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