‘Money Heist’ Season 5: Release Date, Returning Cast, and Everything We Know About the Final Season

By Mitchell

March 28, 2022

Money Heist, a popular Netflix series in Spain, is full of unexpected twists and turns.It’s time to put the Salvador Dali masks back on and chant “Bella Ciao” one last time!

Money Heist 

Because Money Heist season 5 is almost here.Here’s what we know about the potential plot, release date, returning characters for Money Heist’s final season.

Money Heist 


– Alvaro Morte as Professor – Itziar Ituno  as Lisbon – Pedro Alonso as Berlin  – Paco Tous  as Agustin Ramos – Alba Flores: as Nairobi – Miguel Herran as Rio


– Jaime Lorente: as Ricardo – Esther Acebo: as Monica – Enrique Arce: as Arturo – Maria Pedraza: as Alison Parker – Darko Peric: as Mirko Dragic – Kiti Manver: as Marivi Fuentes  – Najwa Nimri: as Alicia Sierra

On September 3rd, the first five episodes of the first half will air. The final five episodes of Money Heist will be available on December 3rd.

Release Date Of Money Heist Season 5 On Netflix?

Alex Pina, a Spanish television producer, writer, series creator, and director, is best known for the crime drama La Casa de Papel Money Heist.

Who Directed Money Heist (Season 5 )

The Professor is in danger because Alicia Sierra, a former inspector, has discovered his secret hideout. As he has never been able to escape, Professor  tells that this may be his last opportunity to speak with them.

What Is The Story Of The Money Heist?

Alvaro Morte, a Spanish actor born in Algeciras on February 23, 1975, portrays the series' eponymous character


The professor hires Tokyo as a thief to assist him in his robberies. On-screen, it is played by Ursula Corbero– a Spanish actress and model


Previous to his current role as a thief, Nairobi was the head of printing quality at Spain's Royal Mint.By the time she was tortured and shot to death by the bank's senior security officer.


For many years, Berlin has been the second-hand gem thief of Professor Mortimer, who eventually sacrifices himself for the sake of his gang's freedom.


 Rio is the youngest thief in the group and is participating in the robbery. His  interest in computers and his career as a cyber-hacker captivated the professor.


He was an excellent welder, and he helped the team at the Bank of Spain melt the gold bricks into grains.


the heist was planned by Palermo and Berlin, but Palermo was overtaken by Tokyo as the heist moved forward.



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