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By Mitchell

April 4, 2022

'Pacific Rim: The Black' Season 2 Trailer, Release Date, And Everything We Know So Far

An abandoned Jaeger is used in the anime series, situated in the same universe as the 2013 blockbuster. After the Kaiju took over Australia, they set out to locate their lost parents.

Pacific Rim: The Black

– Calum Worthy as Taylor – Gideon Adlon as Hayley – Erica Lindbeck as Loa – Victoria Grace as Mei – Ben Diskin as Kaiju bOy – Leonardo Nam as Rickter


Netflix debuts Season 2 of Pacific Rim: The Black on April 19.

Pacific Rim: The Black release date?

The boy had been a mystery to Taylor and Hayley for a long time, but he was revealed to be something very remarkable towards the end of Season 1. Being able to resist bullets and speak with other Kaiju.

The Mysterious Boy

The unknown sect has a connection to the Kaiju and appears to worship the alien beasts. "Kaiju Messiah" is the name they've given to Boy. It’s likely their aims are to kidnap him

Do the sisters have plans for Boy?


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