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Risk of Rain 2 Update 1.2.2 – Patch Notes on March 12, 2022

By Charles Clarke

March 14, 2022

Risk of Rain 2 Update 1.2.2

A new update has been released for Risk of Rain 2 Update 1.2.2 with Patch Notes  are now available for download, for all platforms PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC.

Gameplay Changes

General – Added Steam achievements for the DLC!


– Waves now skip if nothing has spawned for 60 seconds – Waves now have a limit of how many credits can be given out at once – Waves will now spawn slightly more elites, and slightly less normal monsters – Artifact of Kin will always spawn monsters, even if they are considered ‘cheap’

Bug Fixes

– Fixed ‘Remote Caffeinator’ DLC equipment being locked permanently – Fixed weird momentum/velocity behavior after falling out-of-bounds and teleporting back

Bug Fixes

– Fixed ignite effects from Fire affixes and the ‘ignite’ damage type dealing 2x the damage over 4x the duration – Fixed Volcanic Egg disjointing its position over time – Fixed clients who disconnect and then reconnect being stuck spectating

Bug Fixes

– Fixed Railgunner’s Goobo Jr. AI using only its Primary ability – Fixed Ignition Tank’s descriptions being inaccurate to its behavior – Fixed hosts not being able to create new multiplayer games if they disconnect and reconnect their internet

Bug Fixes

– Fixed Merc’s expose being consumed by non-Merc – Fixed Simulacrum’s Enigma wave having the wrong string – Fixed Void Devastator not having its boss item assigned, causing it to not drop or be targetable by Trophy Hunter’s Tricorn

Bug Fixes

– Fixed Newly Hatched Zoea not consuming Defense Nucleu – Fixed a stray jump pad in Sulfur Pools that leads nowhere – Fixed ‘crusty’ pixels around buff icon

Bug Fixes

– Fixed Distant Roost having less interactable credits than Titanic Plains, causing it to spawn less interactable – Fixed Rusted Key always granting a red item

Bug Fixes

– Fixed consecutive weak point tracking resetting whenever ANY player missed, not just the player trying to earn the achievement – Fixed Will-o-the-wisp/Voidsent Flame having reversed damage coefficient

Bug Fixes

– Fixed Prismatic Trials being playable in multiplayer by starting a singleplayer prismatic trial, backing out, and then hosting a multiplayer game – Fixed cans not animating properly with Remote Caffeinator

Known Issues

We’re keeping an eye on: – Reports of new crashes as of SotV release – Category Chests dropping limited item – Other potential softlocks in Simulacrum

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