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Starfield Update 1.11.36 fixes

By William

May 19, 2024


A new update for Starfield, known as Update 1.11.36, has recently been released. This update is accessible across all gaming platforms, as well as on PC.

Gameplay Fixes

– Corrected an issue causing ship shield capacity discrepancies after loading certain saves. – Fixed instances where invisibility effects on companion weapons persisted post-effect. – Scanning flora/fauna now grants XP through harvesting/killing.

Gameplay Fixes

– Resolved unintended harvest items appearing in flora from blended biomes. – Addressed docking issues with previously commandeered ships. – Improved Class C flight behavior when entering targeting mode while boosting.

Gameplay Fixes

– Fixed problems docking with ships during grav jumps. – Corrected ship scanner display issues regarding hostility or crew count.

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