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By Mitchell

April 9, 2022

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 ,Release Date,Cast And Everything We known So Far

In the same way that most outstanding series is based on spectacular light novels, 'The Devil Is A Part-Timer,' which is known in Japan as Hataraku Ma-Sama!, is also based on a light novel series by Satoshi Wagahara

The Devil is a Part-Timer  2

– Ohsaka Ryota as Satan – Hikasa Yoko  as Emilia – Tohyama Nao as Sasaki Chiho – Ono Yuki as Alsiel – Hiro Shimono as Hanzou Urushihara


The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 2 Release Date in Jul 2022 according to

Release Date

The anime series is about the defeated demon Lord Satan who escaped into the human world via a dimensional gateway. Stuck in modern Tokyo

The Devil Is A Part-Timer Plot

is the primary protagonist of the series. He was once the Devil King who declared war on Ente Isla in an attempt to take the four continents.

Sadao Maou

is the main female lead character and the Hero who overcame the Demon King Satan. After compelling the Demon King to escape from Ente Isla

Emi Yusa

is a fallen angel and one of the Demon King's generals. He is also known as the Demon Lord. Following his loss at the hands of Hero Emilia

Hanzo Urushihara


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