Top 10 DCEU Moments 2022

By Mitchell

Sep 25, 2022

Throughout more than ten movies, the DC Extended Universe has given fans a lot to remember.

Top 10 DCEU Moments

Since it started in 2013, there have been a lot of truly magical moments in the movies.

Top 10 DCEU Moments

We're talking about things that stand out to the audience, something kids who watch these DC superhero movies will remember when they grow up and want to make their own.

Top 10 DCEU Moments

Here are some of the best scenes and moments from DCEU movies that have happened over the years. These are the most amazing parts of the DCEU.

Top 10 DCEU Moments

As the first DCEU movie to get an R-rating, Birds of Prey had a lot of fun embracing its wildness with more freedom.

10  The Funhouse Fight

Seeing these characters finally come together is a lot of fun, and the action choreography is fantastic. The movie seems to be all about how crazy, bloody, and colorful it is.

10  The Funhouse Fight

The most exciting part is when Superman takes off for the first time. In many ways, it's the classic scene from a superhero movie where the main character tries out their new powers.

9  First Flight - Man Of Steel

The scene is similar to one from the theatrical cut, but Steppenwolf has been replaced by Darkseid, who is much more interesting.

8  The Darkseid Flashback

The long fight scene shows how great the action is in the movie, directed by James Wan. Black Manta is also a great opponent who gives Aquaman more than he can handle.

7  Aquaman vs Black Manta

The best part is when Shazam's adopted family works together to defeat the bad guys, and all the other kids also become superheroes. It's a great moment that will please many people

6  The Family Comes Together

This is especially true of the final battle, which throws everything at the audience in a fun and exciting way. People ride into battle on seahorses and sharks, Aquaman shows up in his classic comic book outfit

5  Battle Of The Ocean

Diana picks up her shield and steps out into the "No Man's Land" of the battlefield when she sees the horrors of war. Seeing this strong, brave woman stand up to a barrage of bullets and bombs

4  No Man's Land

She felt like a natural force when she saw her kill dozens of enemies without getting tired. The action scene was fun to watch because of the clever choreography and visuals.

3  Harley Quinn’s Hallway Scene

As the bad guy was getting ready to kill Cyborg, the Kryptonian showed up. Steppenwolf is embarrassed when Superman breaks his weapon and easily dodges his blows.

Superman Vs  Steppenwolf

It's a conversation between Batman and The Joker. Zack Snyder reshot this scene before giving his version of The Justice League to the studio.

The Batman and The Joker

In it, Ben Affleck and Jared Leto talk about how Robin and Harley Quinn died. The scene is tense, exciting, and one of the best times the hero and the villain have ever gone head-to-head.

The Batman and The Joker


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