Week 16 Imaginary Busts: Carson Wentz, A.J. Brown, Curry Johnson among their startups, make them worry

There is a lot of excitement around Kerryon Johnson heading into Week 16. After all, he is behind the injured reserve just in time to play in the fantastic football league. But it has a tough matchup, which should be enough to pump the brakes and consider it a potential Week 16 failure and not a cord for a resignation or a sleeping bag.

He’s on our list of profiles from another young running back in a difficult spot, Miles Sanders. We’re also new to the QB part of the list, with Josh Allen and Carson Wentz in tough spots. It’s hard to get a guy like Allen, but the Patriots are one of the few fights that will make you do just that.

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If you are looking for a receiver up this week, Robby Anderson and Anthony Miller could do it. But they are just as likely to cause them, as we explain below. And so is the tight ends Tyler Higbee and Dallas Goedert.

Our busts just didn’t hit their homeland last week in running. Raheem Mostert and Adrian Peterson had some pretty good games and while Devonta Freeman didn’t dominate, he had more success against the 49ers than he expected. However, Stefon Diggs was somewhat disappointed, as were the Steelers’ greats, Kyle Rudolph, and the surprisingly inactive David Njoku, as he expected.

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Week 16 Fantasy Guards: Running Back

Miles Sanders, Eagles vs. Cowboys (Billy Heyen). The Cowboys have a defense above average, and Sanders is now fighting with Boston Scott for the snaps. The Eagles will probably get Sanders plenty of ball without much help, but don’t expect a ton of big plays.

Devin Singletary, Accounts @ Patriots (Vinnie Iyer). The Patriots couldn’t stop Joe Mixon last week, but they’ll make sure to keep Buffalo on the ground with a big rebound.

Kerryon Johnson, Lions @ Broncos (Matt Lutovsky). Johnson has not played since Week 7 due to a knee injury, and was averaging just 3.3 yards per carry when healthy. The Broncos allow just 3.9 yards per carry on RBs, so you can’t expect much here despite the Johnson price tag.

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Week 16 Fantasy Football Boots: Squares

Josh Allen, @ Patriots (Heyen) accounts. This seems pretty obvious: QBs don’t perform particularly well against the Patriots. Allen was not on the road for a good game the first time against the Pats before being injured.

Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers vs. Rams (Iyer). Jimmy G is a tough guy to count from week to week. This is more like a home sanding and exploding point for San Francisco.

Carson Wentz, Eagles vs. Cowboys (Lutovsky). It’s like pulling teeth for the Eagles to move the ball and score. Wentz often ends up with decent stats, but against a Cowboys defense that dominated him earlier in the year and allows only 16.3 points per game in QBs, it’s hard to expect much.

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Week 16 Fantasy Football Busts: Wide Receivers

Robby Anderson, Jets vs. Steelers (Heyen). Before Jamison Crowder stole two touchdowns of Week 15, Anderson was in a roll. Don’t expect this to continue against a strong Steelers defense, though.

A.J. Brown, Titans vs. Saints (Iyer). He is an explosive rookie, but he is still a rookie who has never seen a cornerback as good as Marshon Lattimore.

Anthony Miller, Bears vs. Chiefs (Lutovsky). Miller has been a militant host lately, but the Chiefs are allowing fewer receptions at WRs this season. Considering he is still behind Allen Robinson in the Bears WR rankings, it won’t be long for Miller on Sunday night.

Week 16 Fantasy Football Busts: Tight edges

Tyler Higbee, Rams @ 49ers (Heyen). I don’t know what to do with Higbee this week. Three straight 100-yard games almost make him look matchup proof, but this is also a very difficult matchup. If you have a more rock filled game, go with it. But if he chooses between Higbee and the resignation cable, he will at least get goals.

Jack Doyle, Colts vs. Panthers (Iyer). You can’t go here with their games passing and Carolina’s linebacker coverage and the safety is good enough.

Dallas Goedert, Eagles vs. Cowboys (Lutovsky). Goedert gets more goals with all Philadelphia wide receivers injured, but doesn’t really produce all of them (averaging 5.3 catches and 48.5 yards per game with zero TD total in his last four games). It has more upside than many TE resignation cables, but this game sounds better than it really is.

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Week 16 Imaginary Busts: Protections

Kansas City Managers @ Bears (Heyen). I bet this with Tarik Cohen and David Montgomery succeeding on the ground and releasing Mitchell Trubisky to work in the air with the talented twins of Allen Robinson and Anthony Miller.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Packers (Iyer). They won’t repeat what they did against the Chargers because the Packers don’t give up a lot of sacks and provide a few tactics with Aaron Rodgers.

Buffalo Bills @ The Patriots (Lutovsky). Sure, Tom Brady is a statue and the Patriots haven’t scored much lately, but they still don’t give up many sacks or turn it around often. Buffalo has a decent floor and a low ceiling this week.

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