Wego director for Al-Arabiya: it is too early to predict the consequences of the mutator Corona on travel

Wego’s general manager for the Middle East, North Africa and India, Mamoun Humaidan, said it is too early to judge the tourism markets and the consequences of the spread of the new Corona mutant, Omicron, especially as it has spread. suddenly and the impact will differ from one country to another.

He added in an interview with “Al Arabiya”, today, Sunday, that in the Gulf region e in There has been no change in travel demand so far in the Middle East.

He explained that in the past 3 months the travel movement in the region has seen a significant increase and the demand rate has reached 60% compared to the levels of 2019 before the pandemic, and this was a great achievement, especially with the launch of the Dubai Expo and the Riyadh season, and the reopening of the Indian and Egyptian markets.

Mamoun Humaidan continued: “We have not seen a decrease in demand so far and it is too early to talk about the consequences of the new mutation.”

He added that the travel and airline industry and businesses now have experience dealing with the issues that come with closure, such as canceling reservations and refunding the price of airline tickets, and that used to be a big deal, but today c ‘is experience in the sector, on how to deal with it and direct the traveler to other options in closing case. .

Wego’s general manager for the Middle East, North Africa and India expressed his concern and concern from the travel and tourism industry over the new mutation.

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