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  • Revised graphics, a new audio system and sound effects, AI opponents and much more.
  • The remaster contains a new map and two new squads with new weapons.
  • The console version of Tannenberg is making good progress and we can not wait to release more news as soon as we have it.

This is an extremely exciting day for us all on the Verdun Development team. Anyone who has worked on a game will know that it never feels completely finished, as more and more can be added. However, we believe that this reworked version of Verdun has been greatly improved for Xbox One, from the control schemes to a new user interface . and that is far from what this remaster brings to the table. You’ll also get reworked graphics, a new audio system and sound effects, AI opponents, a new map, new squads and more. The Remaster is part of a whole new look for the entire WW1 game series: from logos to in-game graphics.

New look and feel

The first thing you’ll notice when starting the game is that the UI has been completely redesigned! The menus are now more atmospheric and visually appealing, and we have added localizations for Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and Polish. The new game logo better reflects the nature of Verdun and our WW1 game series. We’ve also reworked our control system with a fine comb to make it as user-friendly and natural as possible, both in the menus and in the heat of the moment!

There have also been some graphical improvements to the game and its content. Character models have been improved, along with a host of other small improvements. We are also proud of our revised and improved sound effects in the game. The audio has been reworked with more satisfying and more precise sound effects, with an updated soundscape that allows even deeper immersion as you fight in the trenches. Wherever possible, we’ve worked with re-enactors and collectors who have real WWI weapons for the most authentic sounds possible!

Polish has been widely used throughout the game – for example, there is an expanded Gore system to better capture the sometimes shocking brutality of World War I battles, along with a bullet and barbed wire system. Instead of getting trapped and dying, barbed wire will only slow you down and hurt you – so you still want to avoid wire, but you can fight your way through it without worrying about the sudden death. There are also quality of life improvements, such as tutorial tips for new players, an improved spawning system, an improved death camera and more .

New map, squads and weapons

The remaster contains a new map and two new squads with new weapons! The new map is located on the distinctive St. Mihiel, where fierce fighting took place during the Battle of St. Mihiel when American expedition forces attacked and defeated the German 5th Army with French support. The French troops involved in the battle came from the II Colonial Corps, which leads us neatly to the first of the two (!) New squads that are part of this remaster. The Senegalese tirailleurs are a new French attacking force. Their striking machetes turn them into dreaded opponents in the smallest of spaces, and even with their colonial variants of the Berthier rifle, they are no scoundrels at a distance.

The second new squad are the ANZACs, who are brought from the other side of the world to fight in the trenches of the Western Front. Gallipoli is perhaps the most famous battle in which ANZAC is involved, but they have also fought with distinction in France. In the game, the ANZACs are an engineering squad that represents troops like the 1st Australian Tunneling Company, which in November 1916 were busy digging two large mine shafts under Hill 60. They are well equipped with SMLE rifles and the Lewis cannon for fire support. This includes the unusual Webley Fosbery – a recoil-powered automatic revolver.

AI allies and opponents

Last but not least, we’ve added bot support to the game! You can let up to 24 AI bots participate in your battles. You will fight with any troop on any card in Frontlines game mode. AI NCOs will request fire support, and they can be stubborn opponents of the defense. You can even start your own custom offline battles and choose which squads the AI ​​should use!

Looking ahead, the Tannenberg console release is making good progress and we can not wait to release more news as soon as we have it. See you…

Happy Holidays from all of us in the WW1Game Series Team!

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