Wendy Williams’ divorce drama wreaks havoc

Wendy Williams makes single life so beautiful. Between its new apartments with its cats and its lively nightlife with prominent celebrities, the talk show hosts a drama about the divorce that hangs behind the scenes.

When she married Kevin Hunter father in 1997, she probably never imagined that she would bank as much money as she does today, which makes it understandable that she did not have a contract. wedding in place.

After rumors circulated that Kevin was using his money to finance the lives of his mistresses and fathered a child with the woman, Wendy ended their marriage and has since been trying to be completely released from her son’s father .

Hollywood Life has the scoop on the complexity of the process and its impact on the media queen.

“Wendy’s legal team was working on her divorce and was doing their best to try to finalize things last week, but ultimately not.”

It was difficult for the 55-year-old woman who shows up for work every day with a smile on her face after the cameras are turned on.

The source added, “She was very, very stressed on the days that she is taking care of it. You can tell the difference between when she takes care of it day by day and not, because she can go from good humor and love life to difficulty in no time. She is so excited to put everything behind her and start the next chapter of her life. “

Meanwhile, the insider also claimed that “bad Kevin” did not help matters. The ex-future husband is furious at the fact that Williams hilariously shadows him in the series and talks about his new life without him.


Hopefully Wendy’s lawyers will be able to resolve this quickly.

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