Wendy Williams happier than ever since her divorce from Kevin Hunter – she would finally feel “free!”

Wendy Williams happier than ever since her divorce from Kevin Hunter - she would finally feel

Wendy Williams had the best time of her life since her husband’s divorce for over two decades, Kevin Hunter! However, now that the divorce process is coming to an end, she is apparently feeling freer than ever!

The host of the talk show would have the impression of living only for herself and her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., and that is what is best for his self-confidence.

This is how an insider claims that Wendy Williams lives her best life after her divorce!

While the split started with a huge betrayal, Kevin Hunter having a child with his mistress, it turns out that everything was for the best for Wendy in the end.

In fact, one source claims to know that this is Wendy’s best chapter to date!

It sounds like a whole new beginning in his life and the talk show host loves it.

After all, she ends up alone.

The initiate told HollywoodLife: “She tells her loved ones that she lives her best life and feels free. She is finally able to make decisions in her life, both personally and professionally – something she has not been able to do because Kevin does not agree with them. She has always had her voice with her audience, but not so much with Kevin. “

They then explained that “she felt attached and forced to end relationships and friendships with people during the marriage she did not want. [Wendy is] so happy to do what she wants now. “

Indeed, a few days ago, Wendy covered her ex with an article that seemed to suggest the same thing as the insider.


“But with the dead weight gone and the new life VERY clear, I discovered the BEST of my life,” wrote the star on his Instagram account.

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