Wendy Williams introduces her former husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., and announces a new chapter in her life

Wendy Williams Kevin Hunter Diss

Wendy Williams lives her best life and is determined to do a remake of Stella Got Her Groove Back to the dismay of her ex-husband and to the delight of her fans.

It’s no secret that the TV host had a summer summer with a long list of famous girlfriends and some sexy men.

During Thanksgiving, the media personality made it clear that she would continue her fun and carefree fall with a little shadows at ex-Kevin Hunter Sr.

Wendy posted a brief message in which she said she was happiest without some dead weight to wear.

She wrote: “But with the dead weight gone and a new life VERY clear, I have discovered the BEST ever.”

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and explained that she is doing everything she could not do without Kevin dragging and watching her.

The person told the publication, “She tells her loved ones that she is living her best life and that she feels free. She is finally able to make decisions in her life, both personally and professionally – something she could not do because Kevin did not agree with them. “

The family friend went to say that Wendy intended to talk more about her failed marriage, her mistress and her next love.

The insider then told the popular publication, “She has always had her voice with her audience, but not so much with Kevin. She felt attached and forced to end relationships and friendships with people during the marriage she did not want. She kept silent about Kevin because she knew he was a powerful man in the industry, but everyone knew that a little shade was coming. ”

There is a new Wendy in town, and she has a newfound confidence, which has given her wings like never before.

The boyfriend said, “As time goes by, she feels more confident. Wendy feels free and she wanted the world to know. She is really happy, goes out with her, spends time with friends and is much more pleasant to live with. This divorce suits him well. “


What do you think Wendy’s next step is? Will she keep this mood?

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