Wendy Williams reveals her Christmas wish list and Kevin Hunter is not happy

Even though the divorce proceedings for the separation of the popular talk show hostess, Wendy Williams, and her over twenty-year-old husband, Kevin Hunter, started in April this year, the process is still far from to be finished.

Even though Williams has an excellent team of lawyers on his side, the separation of his longtime partner has taken much more time and effort than she would have expected.

She recently said on her show that all she wanted for Christmas was to divorce her cheating spouse.

According to recent information, it seems that Hunter, who, in addition to his romantic partner, was also director in his wife’s talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, was not about to give up the relationship as quickly.

The ex-future husband demanded a large financial refund from the divorce, as well as the compensation package for being unexpectedly dismissed from his managerial position after working for the series for many years.

Meanwhile, the lengthy divorce proceedings would have repercussions for Williams, and many people who work with her have already claimed that the hostess seemed more stressed than usual lately. All she wanted was to be able to continue her life.

As rumors suggest, the long relationship between Williams and Hunter ended because Kevin was unfaithful to his wife.

A source told Hollywood Life, “Wendy’s legal team was working on her divorce and was doing their best to try to finalize things last week, but ultimately did not. The divorce really stressed Wendy, and it affects her mood, for sure. She was very, very stressed the days that she takes care of it. “

The person added, “You can tell the difference between when it is day-to-day and not, because it can go from good humor and love life to struggle in no time.” She’s so excited to put it all behind her and start the next chapter in her life. “

Rumors about Hunter’s cheating have been going on for some time, but no one paid attention until his alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson, gave birth to a daughter of him.


This turned out to be the last drop for Williams, who decided it was time to move on and break up with her unfaithful spouse.

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