Wenger invents an offside detection method that could change the look of football forever

Former French manager Arsene Wenger has revealed a “revolutionary” method for calculating offsides in matches, which could be applied during the 2022 World Cup.

On Tuesday, Arsene Wenger, director of development of the International Football Association (FIFA), stressed the possibility of detecting cases of infiltration “automatically in 2022”. in particularly during the World Cup in Qatar, without announcing the methods used in the new technology.

“There is a good chance that leaks will be automatically detected in 2022,” the former Arsenal manager said during a press conference in Paris.

“I remain confidential, but it will be the next developments in the arbitration”, added Wenger, in view of the arbitration seminars starting on the 20th of this month.

Wenger pointed out that FIFA’s efforts require finding the quickest solutions to controversial situations through the use of technology, noting that some controversial decisions in offside cases are sometimes taken using VAR technology.

FIFA announced in June 2020 that it was studying the decision to deactivate offside arbitration “by developing semi-automatic technology to indicate offside, in order to provide the VAR with additional information that would simplify the decision-making process and develop the analysis of the offside. image”.

The timetable for this project is expected to be accelerated in light of the 2022 World Cup.

In the same context, the Italian-Swiss FIFA president Gianni Infantino considered this amendment in the context of “making football more attractive”.

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