Werewolf by Night Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know So Far

Marvel fans, beware—you’re about to get afraid.


In the remaining installments of the new Multiverse Saga of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel already has planned an incredibly impressive slate of movies and television shows. Astonishingly, the MCU can still fit in any more new characters or ideas, especially between Wakanda’s return in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and the next big ensemble event movie, Avengers: Secret Wars (2025). However, they are still there. At their showcase appearance at the D23 Expo, this year’s studio head Kevin Feige finally took the platform to reveal a top-secret new project.

Werewolf by Night (2022), which just barely beat The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (2022) by a few months, will be Marvel’s first-ever holiday-themed special. The special was first revealed back in August of the previous year. However, details have been extremely scarce. There hasn’t even been a passing mention at major presentations like this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Nevertheless, at the panel, where we received some eagerly awaited details on this hour-long deep dive into the Marvel universe’s supernatural side, we finally got our first glimpse at this original entry into the MCU.


  • Gael García Bernal as Jack Russell
  • Laura Donnelly as Elsa Bloodstone
  • Harriet Sansom Harris as Verusa
  • Leonardo Nam as Simon
  • Eugenie Bondurant as Linda
  • Kirk R. Thatcher as Jovan
  • Al Hamacher as Billy Swan

What is the Release date of Werewolf by Night?


On October 7th, 2022, Werewolf by Night will debut exclusively on Disney+, just in time for the spooky Halloween season. It is anticipated that the unique presentation will last for about an hour.

Marvel Studios’ Special Presentation: Werewolf By Night | Official Trailer | Disney+

Who is the Director of Werewolf by Night?

Gael Garcia Bernal (Old) and Laura Donnelly (The Nevers), the show’s two leads, joined Kevin Feige on stage for the trailer debut. Director Michael Giacchino, who will be making his directorial debut after writing some of the most iconic film scores of the current generation for movies like Up (2009) and the Spider-Man: Homecoming trilogy, will also be there. Michael Giacchino is an American music composer for films, television, and video games. He has also served as a director for film and television. He has received many awards, including an Oscar, an Emmy, and three Grammys.

What is the Plot of Werewolf by Night?


The film follows a lycanthrope superhero who fights evil using the abilities given to him by a curse brought on by his bloodline. and Following the passing of their leader, a clandestine group of monster hunters congregates at Bloodstone Castle to compete in a deadly game for a potent artifact that will pit them against a deadly monster.

What is the Werewolf by Night comic book origins?



Many people have adopted the moniker “Werewolf by Night,” like numerous comic book characters. Still, the first character version came with a man named Jack Russell, who will also be the version we see in the special. Though he was born Jacob Russoff, his family roots come from where else but Transylvania. Before turning into a monstrous werewolf on the Night of a full moon on his 18th birthday, Jack led a typical childhood in America. Jack eventually discovered that this sudden case of lycanthropy is a hereditary condition brought on by his ancestors, one of whom was bitten by a werewolf belonging to Vlad Dracula and another who used the Darkhold, which we saw in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, to curse his entire bloodline with werewolf transformation (2022).

Jack possesses all the werewolf traits, including increased strength, agility, and speed. The Werewolf by Night frequently loses control of himself, occasionally endangering innocent lives and having no qualms about killing, just like other monstrous characters like the Hulk and Morbius. Werewolf by Night and Moon Knight, with whom he frequently interacts in the comics, are only similar in that both are okay with murder. Considering that the two are frequent rivals but have also occasionally worked together, perhaps the end credits scene will show Khonshu’s avatar making a comeback (or maybe even Mahershala Ali’s Blade).


Given that a monster hunter has already been confirmed to accompany Elsa Bloodstone, a vampire hunter showing up wouldn’t be unexpected. Elsa was the child of Ulysses Bloodstone, a renowned monster hunter and owner of the Bloodgem, an extraterrestrial artifact that, when used with a sense of vengeance, bestows immortality and enhanced abilities on its bearer. Before Elsa received the stone for herself and carried on the family’s tradition of monster hunting, Ulysses subjected her to arduous and, to be quite honest, abusive training. Her travels and endless adventures have made her contact with many Marvel characters. She even got romantically involved with Deadpool, another immortal.

A vampire hunter would not be unexpected, given that a monster hunter has already been confirmed to go with Elsa Bloodstone. The Bloodgem is an extraterrestrial artifact that, when used with a sense of vengeance, grants its bearer immortality and enhanced abilities. Elsa was the child of Ulysses Bloodstone, a renowned monster hunter and owner of the Bloodgem. Ulysses put Elsa through a complex and abusive training process before she received the stone for herself and continued the family’s tradition of monster hunting. She has met several Marvel characters during her travels and endless adventures. She even developed feelings for Deadpool, another immortal.