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Western officials: Iran prepares to send missiles and drones in Russia

Western officials revealed that Iran is preparing to send about 1,000 additional weapons to Russia for use in its war with Ukraine.

Officials, who hail from a Western country that closely monitors Iran’s weapons program, said the new shipment included short-range ballistic missiles and more drones, CNN reported.

While the US network has indicated that this time will be “the first time that Iran will send advanced precision missiles to Russia, which could give the Kremlin a major boost on the battlefield.”

450 drones

He also credited officials with saying that the latest shipment of weapons from Iran to Russia included some 450 drones, “which the Russians have already used to have a deadly effect. in Ukraine”, in which Moscow has launched a military operation since the end of February.

This planned new expedition will represent a significant increase in Iranian support for the Russian war effort.

Although the exact moment in which shipment will reach Russia is unclear, officials believe the weapons will certainly be delivered by the end of the year.

Russia is increasing its use

Interestingly, drones have played an important role in the conflict ever since Russia began its military operations in Ukraine in late February.

But its use of drones has increased since the summer, when the US and Kiev claimed Moscow acquired them from Iran.

In recent weeks, these Iranian drones have been used to target critical energy infrastructure in Ukraine.

The United States also claimed that Iran sent military personnel in Crimea to assist in Russian drone attacks on Ukrainian targets.

Sending more Iranian weapons in Russia is a move that risks further deteriorating relations with the United States.

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