What Adil Hussain and Radhika Apte talked about before Nude Scene

Adil Hussain has opened up about the nude scene between him and Radhika Apte in Dried.

Specifically, he revealed what he and Radhika talked about before filming the daring scene.

Adil praised Radhika for its quality of act, say:

“Radhika is committed to art and people should understand.

“For people like her and me, what matters is art and not what people will say. “

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On stage in question, Adil said: “I was almost naked in this scene.

“I have no problem with such scenes as long as they have not been made to tickle the lower senses.

“I have no problem with such scenes as long as they are meant to portray the complexities of human life. “

He also spoke about what his wife thought about the nude scene, stating that she did not problem with he.

Adil said: “Not at all. In fact, she was there first one who I told about the scene after Leena Yadav told me about it.

His wife said she respects son work and has complete Faith in his sensitivities.

What Adil Hussain and Radhika Apte talked about before Nude Scene

Before filming the nude scene, Adil Hussain asked Radhika:

“What about your boyfriend?”

Radhika said she was married before asking Adil: “What about your wife?”

Adil said to son co-star that she has “no problems”.

In Dried, Radhika plays a sex worker while Adil is son lover. Previously, Radhika revealed that she role came at a time when she “needed it”.

She had said: “It was not easy because I was arguing with mine body image problems at the time.

“So having to be naked on the screen was a bit intimidating.

“Now I can lay it all bare anywhere. I am proud of my body shape and size. “

“Of course this movie went to many places and this led to more work and appreciation.

“I really needed a role like this because when you are in Bollywood, on constantly tells you what to do with your body and I always maintained that I would never do anything to my body or face. “

On leaks of son naked photos, Radhika explained:

“The controversial photographs were bare-skinned selfies, and anyone with a sane eye would have guessed it wasn’t me.

“I don’t think there is anything one can do, or one should do, but ignore it.

“Everything else is a waste of ton time. So when I undressed for Dried, I realized: ‘There is nothing left for to hide myself “.”

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