What are the challenges and opportunities for the construction sector?

At the Big 5 show now in course in Dubai, experts talked about the most important challenges and opportunities the construction sector has faced recently in light of the crisis of labor shortages, high demand and disruption of supply chains.

A plethora of technologies dedicated to empowering industry automation are in first line in The Big 5, as the industry now more than ever needs to take advantage of the increased efficiency, sustainability, quality and speed offered by new technologies.

The World Economic Forum estimates that large-scale use of technology could save between $ 700 billion and $ 1.2 trillion in the design, engineering and construction industries within ten years.

Especially in light of the crisis of labor shortages, high demand and disruption of supply chains, which has led to a huge increase in construction prices that the world is witnessing recently.

BK Modular director Robbie Nelson said the use of prefab construction can go a long way in solving these problems. More efficiently, there is a growth in this type of construction in the Gulf, especially in the health sectors. hospitality and infrastructure.

Industry players are seeing signs of easing and iron and wood prices may fall in the last quarter of questyear, but the prices of materials in concrete and brick could remain high until next summer, which could be an opportunity for local production, especially in Europe, and opening up to other markets with the aim of importing, such as Saudi Arabia, America and Russia.

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