What are the dangers of products that are considered beneficial to the body?

Russian nutritionist Elvina Binatova spoke about the dangers of some products that are considered good for health.

The expert notes that these substances, which are considered beneficial for health, can actually adversely affect the health of the body.

According to her, first of all, you should pay attention to low-fat products, as manufacturers often add large amounts of sugar and harmful additives to them to improve the taste.

“When buying low-fat or low-fat products, pay attention to the ingredients,” she says.

The expert notes that fruit juice, prepared at home or bought in a store, contains a high percentage of sugar. This also applies to fully carbonated water.

“During the juicing process, all dietary fiber is destroyed, and vitamins are quickly oxidized under the influence of oxygen, so there is practically nothing left in it except sugar,” she says.

Added to this is another harmful substance that is considered beneficial, whole grain bread. After all, in fact, the constant use of this bread leads to an increase in blood sugar levels.

“Because the grains are ground and turned into flour, which does not contain the necessary nutrients, and in the body turns into glucose,” she says.

The expert points out the dangers of gluten-free products.

“These materials are made from refined starch and do not contain any nutrients. Therefore, before using them, you should consult your doctor about them, because otherwise they can harm your health, ”she says.

She refers to plant-based milk, which has recently become widely used because, like animal milk, she says, it “causes abnormal immune responses, contains local substances and fatty acids that stimulate weight.” growth.”

Source: Izvestia newspaper.