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What Are The Things That Make A Great Metal Concert?

Fans of metal music know that there is nothing quite like a metal concert. The energy in the room is palpable, and the experience can be truly exhilarating.

However, certain things make a metal concert great, and fans of the genre know what to look for.

What Are The Things That Make A Great Metal Concert

The Venue

A great metal concert needs a great venue. The best venues are those that have a history of hosting metal concerts, and that have a good reputation with fans of the genre. These venues usually have excellent sound systems, and they are designed to accommodate the large crowds that typically attend metal concerts.

When choosing or booking a venue, the artists and musicians should look for certain things and features, like a large stage, a good sound system, and enough room that can accommodate a lot of people. The equipment should consist of top-of-the-line speakers and amplifiers to ensure that the music sounds great, a radio microphone (if not, then renting should be an option), and a powerful lighting system. Other additional features like a fog machine can also add to the experience.

The Music

Of course, the music is the most important thing at a metal concert. The bands that are playing should be well-known and respected in the metal community, and they should have a strong following. Furthermore, the music should be high-quality and well-produced.

To assure this, metal musicians and bands should invest in good quality instruments and equipment. This includes things like electric guitars, basses, drums, and keyboards. They should also make sure that their music is well-rehearsed and sounds great when played live.

A great metal concert also needs a great crowd. The audience should be passionate about the music and the bands, and they should be there to have a good time. A great way to ensure this is to make sure that the concert is properly advertised and that tickets are affordable.

Additionally, the audience should also do their part in making sure that the concert is a great experience by being respectful of the bands and other attendees, and by moshing and headbanging responsibly.

The Setlist

The setlist should be packed with hits, fan favorites, and deep cuts. It should be well-rounded and should represent the band’s discography, their strengths, and showcase their musicianship.

Bands should also take into account the flow of the setlist. The setlist should have a good mix of fast and slow songs, and it should build up to a climax, which is usually the most intense song of the night or the most favorite and famous.

It should also be structured in a way that allows the band to take breaks in between songs. This is important because metal concerts can be quite long, and the band (or certain members of it) might need a break to rest or drink some water.

The Performance

A great metal concert needs great performers. The musicians should be tight, and they should sound great. They should also be engaging with the crowd and put on a good show.

This means that bands should make sure that they are well-rehearsed and that they know their songs inside out. They should also be aware of their stage presence and how they come across to the audience.

Interacting with the crowd can be done by talking to them in between songs, or by dedicating songs to them. Additionally, bands should also make sure that their stage antics are entertaining and not offensive. At the end of the concert, the band should also take the time to thank the audience for coming out and supporting them.

The Visuals and Stage Setup

Great visuals include things like a good stage design, good lighting, and a good video screen if there is one. All of these elements should be used to complement the music and the performance.

For example, the stage design should be such that it enhances the performance and doesn’t distract from it. The lighting should be used to create different moods and atmospheres throughout the concert, and it should be synchronized with the music.

And finally, the video screen should be used to show the band’s performance, as well as to display graphics and images that complement the music, with the occasional glimpses of the audience headbanging (responsibly).

Make A Great Metal Concert

A great metal concert has great music, great performers, and a great crowd. It should also have a well-rounded setlist, good visuals, and a good stage setup.

All of these elements come together to create an unforgettable experience for fans of the genre who also contribute by being respectful and having a good time.


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