What did you bring?.. Washington is worried about a Russian ship that has secretly docked in South Africa

In the tense situation between Washington and Moscow due to the recent developments in the Russian military operation in Ukraine, a Russian cargo vessel made matters worse.

A senior US official has revealed that a Russian cargo ship whose owner was allegedly carrying weapons to the Kremlin turned off its transponder last month, before secretly docking at South Africa’s largest naval base, where it delivered and loaded unidentified shipments. .

hidden cargo!

He added that South Africa refused to disclose the vessel’s cargo or what it was carrying at Simon’s Town naval base, in a statement he declined to disclose his name to the American Wall Street Journal.

He also went on to say that South African military authorities have ignored US concerns.

According to its defense minister, Washington threatens Africa, not just South Africa, with possessing anything that smells like Russia, according to the report.

He also said the company that owns the vessel Lady R did not respond to emails sent to the listed addresses online in look for comments.

Not the first incident

Interestingly, the senior official had expressed his country’s concern over the support provided by the South African military to “Lady R”, including allowing her to enter the naval base and carry cargo while her automatic identification system was deactivated.

The newspaper said vessel tracking services revealed that the “Lady R” had switched off her automatic transceivers, which broadcast the vessel’s identity and position to other vessels and maritime authorities.

Eyewitnesses also told the newspaper that two South African tugs helped the ship dock at Simons Town base near Cape Town.

A map of influence between the main countries of the continent

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Sources confirmed to the paper that the ship was carrying munitions from Russia to South Africa, but the nature of the cargo it was carrying from Simons Naval Base was unknown.

Interestingly, this is not the first incident, as the South African government came under criticism in October last year for its refusal to refuse entry to a giant luxury yacht linked to a wealthy Russian power close to the President Vladimir Putin, at the territorial waters.

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