What effect does stress have on persistent symptoms? "COVID-19"

Scientists at the New York University School of Medicine studied the effect of stress on the persistence of Covid-19 symptoms.

Journal notes of The Neurological Science reported that researchers examined data from 790 patients six months and a year after they were hospitalized for infection with the novel coronavirus between March and May 2020. The patients answered the researchers’ questions about their condition, daily functioning, mental clarity, anxiety, depression and sleep. Of the participants in the study, only 451 survived (57 percent).

And from their responses, it was clear that more than half of them (51 percent) suffered from stress factors (financial problems, death of a relative, acquired disability, lack of nutrition) within 12 months after discharge from the hospital.

The researchers found that these factors are the strongest in causing Covid-19 symptoms to persist in addition to worsening mental health.

Source: linta. Ro