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What happens when onion or garlic juice drips down your nose?

Dr. Andrey Tegelnikov, chief physician of primary health care at the Moscow Health Ministry, said that dripping garlic or onion juice into the nose damages the mucous membrane.

In an interview with Russian RIA Novosti, the specialist notes that during the period of the spread of viruses, it is necessary to take care of health: strengthen the immune system, follow a balanced diet rich in vitamins, and take the vitamins prescribed by the doctor. doctor.

He says: “It is important to monitor the levels of vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc, which are elements that increase the body’s resistance. Clothing should also be worn according to the weather and avoid exposure to the cold. Of course, onions and garlic have beneficial properties, as they secrete antimicrobial phytoncides. But they must be eaten, not distilled. “His juice goes up the nose. Because it damages the mucous membrane.

He adds that rinsing your nose and gargling with saline is helpful to prevent the spread of disease-causing bacteria. Because the mouth and nose are the gates for the penetration of a pathological infection.

The specialist points out that the best way to prevent a viral infection is vaccination, because it is guaranteed to prevent influenza. But since the virus that causes this disease is constantly changing, therefore, it is necessary to be vaccinated against it annually.

Source: RIA Novosti


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