What if Ronaldo and the European champion lose the World Cup?

The results of the group stage matches for the European region in the World Cup qualifiers raise questions and queries in the technical and public circles of Qatar, Italy and Portugal, after the surprise caused by the Swiss team qualifying directly from the Italy group, and that made by Serbia in the group of Portugal, and the postponement of the decision on the participation of Ronaldo E the European champion in the next World Cup, who could lose part of his luster and his fun in absence of two of the best teams in the world currently, the most popular and the most popular, if they cannot guarantee qualification for the play-offs in program in March next year, where 12 teams will compete for 3 Cards, distributed in three groups of four teams that will face each other in semi-final and final system, after which one team from each group qualifies for the finals, which means that the competition will be great between Italy, Sweden, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Austria, Czech Republic and Turkey. Portuguese team in This March was a big shock for football fans, especially since he played the last match on his pitch against a Serbian team that didn’t steal his victory in the last moments and his qualification was deserved after having walked He played an undefeated qualifying match, in who had six wins and two draws to qualify for the second consecutive time in the finals. He was much better than the Portuguese national team, who seem to need a coach other than Fernando Santos, who has followed him for seven years and is criticized for not having invested in a golden generation: according to observers, he could have won the World Cup and not only the European Championship in 2016 and the first edition of the European Nations League in 2019, but his choices in many occasions have been questionable, and have led Ronaldo to express his anger towards his manager when he came to shake his hand at the end of the match against Serbia Ronaldo’s absence from the World Cup will be a great shock to the fans and supporters Portugal, hoping to win the world title for the first time in one moment in which the team is full of big stars who may not repeat themselves in the near future, especially because it is the last chance, because it is difficult to imagine Ronaldo continuing until the age of forty and participating in the World Cup The next World Cup in Qatar. While others believe that the World Cup is what Ronaldo is missing with all the publicity and publicity that his presence brings, and all the excitement that accompanies him in front of Messi, Neymar, Mbappe and other world stars that he doesn’t. can imagine the World Cup without them, especially if it is Ronaldo, who will lead them to lead his country in the play-offs, and he is in able to do so, as he always did with his own club The European champion, the Italian team, in turn failed to secure the qualification to the third qualifying round after the draw with Northern Ireland and Switzerland upset the Bulgarian team by four, and the draw in the previous round against Italy, for which the Azzurri will have to wait until March after the complex European playoff matches, and perhaps will miss the finals for the second consecutive time with a sensational surprise, difficult to imagine and difficult to accept. by fans of Italian and international football, especially as Sweden will find its way back, which four years ago denied them qualification for the World Cup in Russia, and this time he wants to repeat it, led by the returning Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who in turn tries to end his career by participating in the final phase of the World Cup. Naldo and Italy, European champions at the World Cup in Qatar, will be a great loss for the two teams, World Cup and World Football, but we are not here yet, and no team can qualify with its history or with the names of its stars, but live up to its merits, even if the presence of players and teams senior it is necessary to ensure fun, entertainment and excitement. Algerian journalist

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