What is the Discord emoji size?


An emoji in general is a visual representation of a symbol, object, or emoticon.

Emojis can be found in almost all the means of modern communication and they became especially popular after the appearance of social networks.

Emojis can also be used on Discord and they have several functions.

First of all, they can be used instead of words and, thus, make the conversation quicker.

Additionally, they can also help streamers create and develop their communities as well as enrich a channel and make it look nicer.

However, people usually use them to express their mood or what they want to say.

What is the Discord emoji size?

The regular and default Discord emoji size is 32×32 pixels.

That size is Discord’s recommended emoji size too.

There are also custom emojis that can be uploaded to Discord by the users and this way every user can become a Discord emoji maker.

Below we will give you more information about custom emojis and their size.

Custom emojis

As we said custom emojis are uploaded by users and when you upload an emoji its maximum size can be 128×128 pixels.

However, after you upload it, Discord resizes it to 32×32 pixels, so regular Discord emojis and custom Discord emojis are practically the same sizes.

Besides, Discord custom emoji maximum size is 256Kb and that’s something that all Discord users should keep in mind before uploading their custom emojis.

Wumboji and nitro subscription

One more sort of emojis, or better said, their size is the wumboji.

The wumboji appears when you send a message that contains only an emoji.

In that situation, the sent emoji will be bigger than normal and that’s called wumboji.

Nitro is a premium membership model on Discord that costs $9 per month and that offers some privileges.

Some of those privileges are related to emojis, more precisely, custom emojis.

Namely, without the Nitro subscription users will be able to use their custom emojis only on the server on which they have previously uploaded them.

Apart from the Nitro option, Discord is free and it’s up to each user to decide which option he or she prefers.

How to add Discord emojis?

There are 4 different ways in which you can add Discord emojis to a chat.

  1. Emoji PickerThis is the most common way of adding emojis.

    The emoji picker can be found on the right side of the text bar.

    After clicking the picker, the window with all the available emojis will appear and then you just click on the emoji you want to send.

  2. Text BarAn emoji can also be added by typing its name in the text bar.

    After that just click the “enter” button and the emoji will be sent.

    This option is less popular than the first one since it’s not easy to remember the names of different emojis.

  3. Add ReactionWhen you send or receive a message you can click the smiling face with a plus which is the “Add Reaction” option.

    That click will trigger the emoji menu from which you can choose the emoji you want.

  4. Right-ClickThe last way of adding emojis is using the right-click on a message.

    The 4 emojis that you used most frequently will appear, but you can also click the “Add Reaction” option and choose the emoji from the emoji library.


Emojis are a very useful and essential part of online communication and it’s a great thing that Discord has them.

However, when it comes to their size, many users are not satisfied with it and assert that the size is too small.

They, and we as well, hope that Discord will increase the emoji size in the future.