What is the Expected Start Date for a New Geomagnetic Storm?

Reports of Strong Magnetic Storm Hitting Earth Disputed by Russian Scientist

There have been reports in the media about a strong magnetic storm that will hit the Earth on May 20-23 and cause failures in the operation of communication systems, power supply, satellite navigation, etc.

Disproving Reports of May 20-23 Magnetic Storm

Professor Sergei Bogachev from the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences points out that the authors of these reports themselves disproved not the fact of a geomagnetic storm, but the identification of the days on which it was supposed to occur. Because the days of May 20-23 do not correspond to the network of magnetic stations scattered over different geographical coordinates on Earth.

Solar Storms to Reach Earth on May 24

According to him, a solar storm or, in fact, storms will reach the Earth on Wednesday, May 24, and geomagnetic activity will actually increase on May 23 and continue until the 26th. These storms will be very weak.

Intensity of Waves to be Average

The expectations of specialists from the Space Research Institute indicate that the coefficient of these waves will be average – 5 on a ten-point scale. That is, there will be no northern lights at the latitude of Moscow, as it was in March and April. But this is possible in St. Petersburg and regions at the same latitude.

Return to Normal Magnetic Situation on May 26

After May 26, the magnetic situation will return to normal until the next June 15, when new solar flares are expected.

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