What is the next 2020 Trend in Australia

Australia would be the first country to use facial recognition for players, gamblers, and adult content lovers. There have been many issues from parents who asked for a face recognition system. Would it be a trend in 2020? What should gamers expect from this trend?

The movement started in China

Chinese giant tech company, Tencent, decided to use a facial recognition system in games. A few months ago, the company agreed to use the face recognition system to understand the behavior of gamers better. Recognition technology helps not only the company but also parents to save their kids from playing too much. Tencent revealed that they would test the face recognition system first with 1000 players of “Honor of Kings.” There was significant movement in China from parents who asked for a face recognition platform. The government decided to save Chinese kids and asked for a new facial recognition system to prevent children from playing too much.

Gambling operators will also use the same technology shortly

The face recognition system will help not only children but also people from stealing other accounts. As you may know, there have been problems with stealing online casino or gambling accounts. Australian Casino operators will be the first to implement a smart system that explores the face of the player. The intelligent system will take the image of your face and compare it with the ID of the account. If the system finds that the image is not the same as it’s visible on ID, then it will have the right to block the user from playing. The player also won’t be able to manage funds on account.Australian Casino operators will use the system not only for local gamers but also for international players who love playing Australian pokies online, Black Jack, Roulette, etc. The Australian government is ready to take this movement into account, but it could be a problem of privacy. Most of the players on Australian casinos come from different countries. Those players might not be happy with the privacy problem. Taking pictures of your face every time into the account is an actual problem of privacy. Most people choose privacy over safety.

Face recognition could be a trend in 2020

As mentioned above, privacy could be a real problem for this new movement. Even if one gamer takes this into the court, it could lead to end the movement. Local newspapers also talk about the power and influence that gambling operators might get from it. 2020 will show us what could happen with the new movement.

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