What is the reason behind women having a longer lifespan than men?

The Science Behind Women’s Longer Lifespan

Why is nature favorable to women and how can men prolong their lives? Gerontologists Vladimir Khavinson and Svetlana Trofimova answer these questions.

The Chromosomes Factor

Two doctors note that women, according to statistics, in all countries of the world live longer than men, and the main reason for this is that a person has 23 pairs of chromosomes, 22 of which are 100 percent the same for everyone. As for the last pair of chromosomes, it is different, since the pair of chromosomes in women consists of two X (X and X), and in men – from X and Y, and this is the main difference.

The Lifespan Study

The results of a scientific study conducted by scientists at the British University of South Wales, including 229 organisms to assess the lifespan of females and males, showed that the average lifespan of females in all species is 17 percent longer than the average lifespan. men.

The Role of Hormones

Due to differences in genes between men and women, sex hormones in men and women are also different, since in men the hormone testosterone dominates, and in women the hormone estrogen, although both hormones are present in the body of men and women, but in different quantities. With age, the level of sex hormones changes: in men, testosterone levels decrease and estrogen levels increase. This is due, in particular, to the development of metabolic syndrome, in other words, obesity.

The Causes of Hormonal Imbalance

According to experts, the causes of hormonal imbalance are: stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, environment, bad habits, prolonged sitting, lack of physical activity.

The Positive Effects of Estrogen

Many researchers believe that women are more fortunate because estrogen influences telomerase activity and has a positive effect on health.

Longevity Secrets

Two experts advise anyone who wants to live long to change their lifestyle, because this is one of the main secrets of longevity.


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