What is the relationship between tea and blood pressure levels?

Scientists have announced that black and green tea cause a sharp increase in blood pressure, but after a few minutes it returns to normal levels.

The Daily Express notes that this study focused on determining the effects of both black and green tea on blood pressure.

The researchers note that they “thought, in studying the properties of black and green tea, that after drinking the tea, the level of high blood pressure would decrease. However, the results were unexpected, as it turned out that two types of tea caused a sudden increase in blood pressure levels.

The experiment involved healthy volunteers and patients, whom the researchers divided into two groups, who had to drink five cups of black and green tea during the week.

The results showed that both black and green tea cause high blood pressure, but it quickly returns to normal levels.

According to the researchers, a tea drink 30 minutes after drinking it caused a sharp increase in blood pressure levels, but within an hour it returned to normal levels.

The researchers add that despite these surprising results, the benefits of the tea drink outweigh the harm.

Source: Izvestia newspaper.