What is the story of Tampere with a piece of chalk after winning gold in the jump in tall?

Italian Gianmarco Tampere raised questions for carrying a piece of chalk during his participation and after winning the gold medal in the jumping competition in high at the Olympic Games in course in Tokyo.

Tampere shared the gold with his Qatari rival, Moataz Barshim, after crossing the 2.37m height, with complete equality of success and failure.

And the referee gave them the choice between splitting gold or participating in a playoff, and they preferred to celebrate gold together, so they hugged.

And the Italian appeared when he celebrated gold, as he lay on the ground and placed next to him a piece of chalk with the inscription “The Road to Tokyo 2020” and canceled the year 2020 and replaced it with 2021.

And that piece is what Tampere forced his leg with when he broke his ankle in 2016 in Munich, and then he was denied participation in the Rio Olympics. in Brazil, and he watched those games crying from the stands, and from there the story began with the piece of plaster that did not leave him at the Olympics in course.

Interestingly, Tampere, 29, became the first Italian to win gold in athletics at the Olympic Games since 2008.

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