What is the truth about Barcelona’s interest in Cristiano Ronaldo?

London – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: A Spanish press report blew up a big surprise in the last hours of Monday, linking the future of legend Cristiano Ronaldo to yesterday’s enemy Barcelona,in coincidence with the current wave of rumors, which to put in doubt his continuation with Manchester United until the expiration of his contract, for his desire to go in a club The latest participant in the new Champions League season. And the Madrid newspaper “AS” said in a service entitled “Cristiano Ronaldo at the Barcelona table”, which his compatriot and his agent, Jorge Mendes, had a “secret meeting” with Barcelona president Joan Laporta, to discuss the possibilities that exist, transfer his clients most important at the “Camp Nou”, and referring to Wolverhampton midfielder Robin Nevis, Milan striker Liao, Manchester City winger Bernardo Silva and the sensational surprise, they put forward the idea of ​​stopping yesterday’s enemy at the ” Camp Nou “. “. According to the same source, the president, the lawyer, intends to sign the Madeira missile, but what prevents him from taking a courageous step is the complex economic situation of the club, with insights that the main objective of Laporta’s match with Mendes is to put pressure on the Bayern Munich management, to accelerate the pace of the player’s release, the Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, who has repeatedly admitted his willingness to leave the Allianz Arena. The club Catalan tries to redeem the Bavarian giant’s top scorer in the modern era since the Summer Market was on last month, but collides with the conditions of the Bayern administration, almost impossible for the current economic situation of the blaugrana, attacking to obtain 50 million euros – other than variables – in change of acceptance to send Leva to the “Camp Nou, however, the giant of La Liga refuses to pay more than 30-40 million in the same currency, in a player in in his thirties who will be free next summer. In the latest update of the surprising Ronaldo and Barcelona novel, Quattro network reporter David Bernabeu learned from his sources that President Laporta and his associate council are not considering signing with the Don, unequivocally stressing that ” Cristiano is not an option for Barcelona “, due to the concern and interest of the officials in resolving the deal I media more important, speaking of Lewandowski and Bayern Munich’s financial intransigence crisis. Cristiano was supposed to return to Manchester United training headquarters on Sunday, but he apologized for the players’ participation in pre-season training, for what was described by the media like “family circumstances”, but on the same day paparazzi lenses caught him driving his own auto close to the headquarters, coaching the Portuguese national team, after completing his daily morning training, which opened the doors to media to raise doubts about his whereabouts with United next season, after his name had been associated with Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Rome and Naples in recent days.