What Mahrez did after his colleague was defrauded in Saudi Arabia?

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Algerian superstar Riyad Mahrez supported his former teammate, Safir Taider, after revealing his tragic situation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has failed due to what he described as the “fraud operation” to which he was exposed in front of his ex club Al-Ain, in an exclusive interview with the Arabic version of the site web global “Goal”. Taider’s situation has changed from opposite to opposite since his move to the newly promoted Saudi Professional League in the 2020-2021 version, from a deal that was highly expected, given the great experience gained from his previous experiences in the major European leagues, with club the size of Inter, Bologna, Southampton and Grenoble. The Frenchman, a player left behind by fame and fortune, and worse still, struggling to recover overdue financial debts. The former national team player said: “My transfer to Al Ain came after the members of the club they communicated with my brother. The club he spoke to us several times to accept the offer and move in, then we agreed everything and I signed a three-year contract on 16/10/2020, they paid two months, only November and December 2020, after which the crisis began “. He added: “The club he has not paid me any salary since January 2021, since then and I have not received any salary until then, so in March I contacted the president of Al-Ain Mazen Al-Zahrani, to ask him the salaries deferred by two months, he said: do not worry, within a few days you will have your salaries, I had a lot of patience until 21 August 2021, I terminated the contract in that moment because I was without a salary since January, e in at that moment I decided to file a complaint with the Al Ain Club before FIFA and in November 2021 I won the case against the club”He concluded:” Now the Al Ain Club has to pay me the entire contract (6 million euros net) after I received a final ruling from FIFA last November, and the biggest crisis is that I am now without club, I lost everything, the chance to participate with the Algerian national team, I lost my dreams My passion, I have to pay my children’s school fees, the rent of my house and many other things, but how do you pay this without salaries, I lost everything, I tried to contact the president of the club dozens of times and told me they would pay the money, after which he never returned my calls ”. And as captain of the Algerian national team, Mahrez quoted part of the statements of his former colleague, and published them via “Story” on the “Instagram” platform, and attached to the accounts of personalities and institutions that had enough influence and power to put pressure. the club Saudi Arabia, including Saudi Minister of Sports Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, and the Saudi Professional League, the International Football Association and the Saudi national team, in the hope that they can have an influence in triggering the sports court ruling, forcing the club to pay the dues of an ambassador as soon as possible.

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