What prevents the presence of the Algerian public in African nations?

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: It was reported by media Algerians that the national team will fight the campaign for the defense of the Africa Cup of Nations, with public support not comparable to the great march on Cairo in summer 2019, not for distances or problems related to the high costs of tourist travel in Cameroon, but due to the strict health measures of travel restrictions. The newspapers and the pages of “social media”the owners of the Algerian tour companies quoted in declarations to media of the Emirates, according to which local authorities will not authorize convoys intending to cross land borders, even if supporters agree to challenge the harsh conditions of nature these days, due to the health and safety conditions surrounding the brown continent, in coinciding with the return of injuries from Corona, to numbers that touch the height of the first wave periods, and to confirm the validity of this information, the head of the National Tourism Federation, Said Boukhalifa, said in statements to the press that the proposed plan is to move the crowds from Algeria to Niger, then to Nigeria, and from there to the host country, Cameroon, at a cost of around 500 euros per person which does not include accommodation costs, is now at risk, considering that it will be “a risk in all the senses, due to the current health situation “. The eminent official also broke the hearts of those who aspired to travel via Yaoundé in plane, noting that there are many difficulties and challenges in obtaining an air travel visa in this moment, in addition to the great leap in ticket prices, which makes the demand for this incomparable to the demand for travel in buses, reflecting the ease with which thousands of Algerians traveled in Egypt to support their national team in Cannes 2019, which arrived on the last day of 28 flights, to transport around 5,000 fans to attend the final match against Senegal. Boukhalifa explained that the complications of the journey not only concern the Algerian public, but also the Arab fans, who were and still intend to travel to Yaoundé to encourage their country, which means that participation in the Arab mass will be symbolic. in Cameroon, despite the approval of the local authorities for the holding of league matches with a participation of 60% of the capacity of the stands, the only exception to the matches of the host country, with a density of 20% in more than the rest of the games. The Algerian team should start its African campaign against Sierra Leone on Tuesday afternoon, then Equatorial Guinea in the second round, to conclude the matches of its fifth group with an out-of-the-ordinary clash against Ivory Coast, to determine identity of the leader of this group, who will avoid meeting the leader of Group D, which includes Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan and Guinea-Bissau.

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