What Sylvie Did After Killing He Who Remains: New Details Revealed in Loki Season 2

Sylvie’s Journey After Killing He Who Remains in Loki Season 1


The climactic ending of the first season of Loki was nothing short of breathtaking. In a moment of boldness, Sylvie, masterfully portrayed by the talented Sophia Di Martino, made a crucial decision to eliminate the elusive villain, He Who Remains, played by none other than Jonathan Majors. The devoted fanbase has been relentlessly anticipating an update on Sylvie’s future since this game-changing event.

Sylvie’s Internal Turmoil

Sylvie’s actions profoundly impacted her, leaving her immersed in contemplation and filled with an overwhelming sense of guilt. The talented actress Sophia Di Martino, who portrayed Sylvie, suggested that her character would be left with a multitude of questions as she ventured down the path of self-reflection.

Reunion at McDonald’s

A fresh clip has recently emerged, showcasing the character Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, who can be seen meeting up with Sylvie at a McDonald’s outlet dating back to the 1980s. As is typical with Marvel productions, no explicit information regarding Sylvie’s purpose or her involvement with the fast-food chain has been provided.

Sylvie’s Immediate Actions after Killing He Who Remains

During a recent interview with Fast Company, Kevin Wright, the executive producer of Loki Season 2, provided insight into the events that took place directly following Sylvie’s pivotal decision to eliminate He Who Remains. Wright’s comments shed further light on the aftermath of this significant event and give viewers a better understanding of the direction the show may take in the future.

Sylvie’s Consuming Mission

Wright revealed a significant conversation he had with Sophia Di Martino during the filming of the sixth episode. He emphasized that Sylvie’s mission had consumed her every thought, leaving little room for contemplating the next steps.

“This character had been on a decades-long, maybe centuries-long revenge mission and the classic trope of those stories is that it’s all-consuming and she’s not thinking about what comes next… Now she has this moment of opportunity, where is she going to go?”

Sylvie’s Novelty at McDonald’s

Wright posed a question to Sophia Di Martino, to which she responded with an intriguing statement that piqued curiosity. She hinted that the subject in question would likely experience hunger if a certain scenario occurred. Further elaborating on their plan, Wright expressed their desire to introduce Sylvie to a novel experience she had yet to encounter.

“When we stayed in the view of the character, this woman who went on the run as a child, had been running through time, a fugitive of time, living in apocalypses, never being able to relax or slow down, the novelty of walking into a 1980s McDonald’s looked appealing… Someone like Sylvie would never have experienced that and would be really taken by that.”

It is quite intriguing to note that the collaboration between Marvel Studios and McDonald’s took shape in a rather unconventional manner. In fact, the script had already incorporated a McDonald’s restaurant in 1982 before the team even approached the fast food chain. There was a sense of apprehension at the time, as there were concerns that McDonald’s might perceive it as a form of irony or mockery. However, the executive producer was quick to reassure that the true intention was to present a genuine and sincere story whilst also evoking feelings of nostalgia through the eyes of a character who could appreciate the novelty and joy of the experience.

Sylvie’s Response to Guilt

Sylvie was left in a state of aimlessness after the significant event of killing He Who Remains. She felt burdened by the constant questioning of whether her decision was right or if Loki’s opposition to the killing of the mysterious man at the end of time was correct. The gravity of her recent actions weighed heavily on her, prompting her to crave a more mundane experience to help alleviate the burden on her shoulders.

However, the certainty that Sylvie and Loki will encounter more Kang Variants raises the question of whether Loki can persuade her to rejoin the fight. Although Victor Timely’s appearance in Season 2 has been confirmed through the post-credits scene in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, Marvel Studios’ approach to addressing the controversy surrounding Jonathan Majors outside the scope of the role remains uncertain.


Ensure not to miss out on the highly anticipated second season of Loki, exclusively on Disney+, premiering on October 6th. This season promises to unveil further insights into Sylvie’s journey while also continuing her captivating story.

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