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2020-08-0806: 00: 00 by Chris Moyse


A light-gun shooter without the light-gun; a cover shooter without cover; a first- individual QTE simulator; a horrible life experience – Rambo: The Computer Game is all of these things andmore Teyon’s infamously bad 2014 release tries to authentically recreate the extremely first 3 movies in Sylvester Stallone’s so-so action series, however rather I was left sensation like I ‘d invested the day covered in leeches while hanging chest-high in a shitty bog.

An unusual mish-mash of inadequate gameplay styles, Rambo: The Computer Game is a rail-shooter most significantly, nevertheless fearlessly attempts to consist of depth through unpleasant, problematic, and mostly unwanted mechanics. These consist of a low quality cover system, a generally unimportant weapon option, an incongruous ability tree, and generous amounts of insta-death quick-time events … I have in fact pushed more cops over more work environment desks recently.

Here’s Co Bao on a riverboat … Look how they massacred my girl …

Contributing To this turmoil are duplicated character models, fuzzy voice samples ripped directly from the movies, and an unusual framing gizmo in which Col. Trautman basically eulogises Rambo through what requirements to be a seven-hour long funeral service. By the time the credits rolled, my arms were harming, as if my brain was sending out pain impulses to my fingers to avoid more interaction. Regardless, it’s still a more authentic Rambo experience than Last Blood

I pushed it. And it offered me a war I might not believe. I’ll never ever get that ₤ 1 (inc. shipping) back.

While I hush the death screams of a thousand soldiers, (or, more correctly, the very same 3 soldiers over and over again), let’s hear how you invested your week when it relates to all mattersgaming You know how this works, just drop us a message below and fill both us and our cherished community in on the digital experiences that have in fact been keeping you joyful.

Have a pleasurable and safe weekend, from all of us at Destructoid.

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