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WhatsApp allows you to encrypt the backup of your conversations

WhatsApp automatically uses end-to-end chat encryption with all conversations happening through it. But this encryption doesn’t include the backups the platform automatically takes from conversations.

The platform offers an option that allows you to encrypt this backup directly on your phone and set a password in so that no one can access it.

Importance of chat backup encryption

Some may not be interested in encrypting WhatsApp chats backup, but in actually this step is no less important than encrypting the conversations themselves.

WhatsApp chat backups contain a complete history of all the conversations you have made through your account. Plus all the phone numbers I’ve talked to or even sent photos of.

So anyone who accesses this backup can have a full copy of your chats private.

The user also needs the password to access the backup copy of the conversations, whether they are stored in the cloud or locally.

The company says that the conversation backup encryption makes it difficult to log in without the passcode, even for companies like Meta, Google or Apple.

You can easily access the option to encrypt backups in the WhatsApp application on iPhone phones by following these steps:

• Go to the main application interface and then press the Settings button.
• Next, choose Conversation Settings from the menu that appears.

• Then go to the selection of backup copies of conversations via the new menu.
• In this menu you will find an option called Encrypt chat backups and you need to enable this option.
• When you activate this option, you are asked to enter a 6-character password or to use the automatic encryption key.
• After entering the password and confirming it, you must press the Create a new backup button for the application to perform a new encrypted backup

And when you try to restore a backup of the conversations you used encryption with, the app asks you to enter the password you created.

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