WhatsApp big new update in 2022 – Benefits and more control

The instant communication application “WhatsApp” is preparing to launch its first major updates in the new year 2022.

The site web technician (WABetaInfo) stated that “WhatsApp” is currently working to add contact account pictures to the message alerts that appear on the user’s phone screen. The site said it has monitored the use of this feature in the beta version of the instant communication application (WhatsApp Beta), in phones running the “iOS” system, ie Apple devices, especially version 15.

With the implementation of this service, “WhatsApp” has joined the general trend of applications showing an image with a warning, such as “Twitter”.

Upon activation of the new service, the user will receive a notification on the phone screen with the image of the account file of the user who sent him a message via “WhatsApp”.

Late last year, WhatsApp began testing many new features that will be launched in 2022, for example by giving group admins more control over them.